A mentorship initiative for Israeli women postdocs

WISER was initiated in September 2020 by postdocs for postdocs. We connect Israeli women who are postdocs in any academic field (mentees) with senior scientists from all the universities in Israel (mentors). The main purpose of this connection is to provide informal support and guidance during the postdoc period.

204 Postdocs
277 Mentors
97 Matches

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About Us

Founders: we are a group of seven Israeli postdocs, who founded Wiser together with Prof. Masha Niv. We established the mentoring program and designed a supportive environment for female postdocs. The initiative was the idea of Natanella Illouz-Eliaz, who started her postdoc in September 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and was born of necessity. All WISER participants, team, and mentors, move this initiative forward voluntarily and this is a non-profit program.

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday09:00 Israel time
Discussion meeting:

February Network

Lead by WISER
Registration is open!
Thursday21:30 Israel time
Discussion meeting:

Postdoc: Common Pitfalls

Lead by Prof. Eyal Kaplan, Bar-Ilan University
Join us for an informal conversation with Prof. Eyal Kaplan from the Dept. of Mathematics, Bar-Ilan University. Eyal is passionate to share his...
Monday21:00 Israel time
Discussion meeting:

WISER Panel meeting: Job application in the field of Psychological Sciences

Lead by Prof. Irit Akirav, Prof. Tali Bitan, Prof. Sigal Zilcha-Mano
Join us for an informal panel meeting about the job market and job applications in various fields of Psychological Sciences, including Psychology, Neuropsychology,...

Beyond Mentoring

To compliment one-on-one mentoring program, we provide a platform for sharing experience and knowledge about various aspects of an academic career track, mentoring and unique view points relevant for women.


We are hosting small-group meetings with Israeli PIs on specific subjects relevant for different stages of the postdoc.

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Knowledge and Content

A collection of useful links and resources regarding mentoring, writing, fellowships, work-life balance and more.

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WISER mentoring takes place in informal on-line meetings, at a frequency suitable to both mentor and mentee (usually once every month/three months). A successful mentorship relation does not require from the mentor any previous preparation before the meeting. We know our mentors are academic researchers and their time is extremely valuable. We believe that the impact of the mentoring program on the postdoc’s future career and on the whole scientific community, with minimal investment of time, is enormous.

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Lean in/Sheryl Sandberg

Available also in Hebrew לפרוץ קדימה

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